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FUNERAL PARTY takes Zak O'Neill from the SW side of Chicago to a private Club in hidden Wisconsin and then back to gangs, guns, and the Chicago Outfit (the Mob). While writing FP, I had to do some research in Chicago--I'd been gone a long time (except for some wife-induced Cultural Tours, which were nice but hardly gritty) and for some of the trips, I needed Mike Da' Cop or John the Marine for protection, and that ain't right. So this blog is about former neighborhoods and old memories and how you can't go home again in some places, even for the best food in the world (at least while/after you're drinking). For now, this is going to be about my Zak and Freddy books. But feel free to jump in with stuff about about Chicago vs. Wisconsin, and gangs, guns, and crime, and some somehow-related cool music and books and movies. And, of course, food and the perfect drink.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

THE WILDING coming soon...

THE WILDING (Mystery, Murder, & Martinis: Street Survival).

First, thank you Indie Books Blog! (http://indiebooksblog.blogspot.com/). You need to check this out if you are an author, a reader, or both.

OK, I’m sending Zak and Freddy back to Chicago so they can give Sheri and Mystique the lame excuse that it’s a vacation while the guys earn some much-needed spending dough from Vince Parisi, the Outfit guy. Vince is after something taken during a wilding, an apparent mob smash-and-grab attack near beautiful downtown Michigan Avenue. But when Vince calls, you know there is more to the tale, and it is: copies of porn-paintings of a high-end model about to be sold, a knock-down meeting with the leader of the Chinatown Tong, a deal with a pimp who might have some knowledge but wants something strange in exchange, and of course handguns, shotguns, and sexy women—I’m talking sex, violence, and vice, pal, just so you know.
            Give it a month or so and then check it out. There's a temporary cover over on the side.

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