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FUNERAL PARTY takes Zak O'Neill from the SW side of Chicago to a private Club in hidden Wisconsin and then back to gangs, guns, and the Chicago Outfit (the Mob). While writing FP, I had to do some research in Chicago--I'd been gone a long time (except for some wife-induced Cultural Tours, which were nice but hardly gritty) and for some of the trips, I needed Mike Da' Cop or John the Marine for protection, and that ain't right. So this blog is about former neighborhoods and old memories and how you can't go home again in some places, even for the best food in the world (at least while/after you're drinking). For now, this is going to be about my Zak and Freddy books. But feel free to jump in with stuff about about Chicago vs. Wisconsin, and gangs, guns, and crime, and some somehow-related cool music and books and movies. And, of course, food and the perfect drink.
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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Them Changes

I learned a lot of things since e-publishing FUNERAL PARTY in 8/11. The most embarrassing thing I learned is that I need an editor. I mean, I wrote the damn thing, and read it again five times, and had friends read it--some of whom, and I thank you, A.C.--actually told me about mistakes. Most just said it was fine. So I thought everything was fixed.
     Your eyes just glaze over anything you've re-written and re-read. You don't see it. Plus, even though I got an A+ in English in Grammar School, that was eons ago. And all these m--dashes and serial commas and stuff are like little bottles of airplane gin distracting me on a word flight.
     So Funeral Party has been re-edited--professionally--and I will re-publish it. If you bought it, I will notify Amazon.com to send you a fresh edition. If you got it from Smashwords, I don't know yet if they do that, but if not, I'll e-mail you the file in any format you want. If I sent you a free copy, I'll still send you the new file.
     Just let me know, and I'll try to make sure you get a good copy--if you want it, of course.
     I certainly hope you do. And again, I apologize for being too quick on the trigger. I won't do it again.
     BTW, this post was not professionally edited.
     But wait--one more thing: I put up my new website, which is http://www.paulmcmurray.com/. As usual, I am in a learning stage with it, so bear with me. Also, the links to buy the Zak & Freddy caper (FUNERAL PARTY) will have new links to Amazon and B&N and Smashwords in about a week. I'll update the website as soon as I get the new info. Again, any problem, let me know: mrlucky@paulmcmurray.com.
     I'm 1/3 of the way through the next caper: THE WILDING (Mystery, Murder, & Martinis #2: Street Survival). The beginning chapters are on the new FUNERAL PARTY.
     Hope to hear from you.